Also known as Scripps Ranch Highschool. Found in San Diego, a school predominatley filled with asians from Mira Mesa.
Wow, there are a grip of Asians at SRHS.
by Cynthiaaa January 31, 2005
Sperm Retention Headache - this is a problem that only affects men and is the equivalent of PMS for women. An SRH is easily identified When you observe a guy who is obviously irritated and moody because his segnifigant other is with holding sex. The moodyness and irritibility magically disappear once the swim team have been released.
Man, Tom sure is pissy today... Yea he's having troubles with his girlfriend so she cut him off from sex. The poor guy has one hell of an SRH.
by Rawkaphella September 14, 2009
Stupid Random Homo Shit
Scripps Ranch High School.
someone does something totall stupid, and you say "SRHS"
by Mike Press March 22, 2004
Shaking real hard. Used along with SMH, shaking my head
Twitter: @twittername #SMH #SRH
by SRHinventor March 08, 2011
All you dumbasses on here who say SRH is stupid because wreaking (causing) is spelled with a W, or say they 'reek (smell of) Havoc, your all stupid.

OK now SRH means Stoners Reeking Havok. The reeking part does'nt mean they smell like havoc Fucktards. It means they CAUSE havoc. It's related to Kottonmouth Kings - an underground hiphop group from Southern California. The simple meaning is Stoners Cause Chaos where ever the fuck they go. The reason Reeking is spelled with an R is because it's a unique way to say it and they knew faggots would try to correct them for it.

People who consider themselves as a SRH members know all about KMK, Tech N9ne, and Hed (P.E). They love to skateboard, ride dirtbikes and quads, and surf. They smoke weed and party. They beat the shit out of people who start shit with you first and they bump their KMK at all times.
Stupid Pussy- Dude SRH is stupid. They dont even know how to spell wreaking right.

Me- Hey, shut the hell up before I beat the shit out of you and your pussy crew. It's spelled like that because dumbfucks like you think they know everything about SRH and try to show how smart you are.
Stupid Pussy- Oh, dude I am stupid. You are the coolest person ever. Thanks for the knowlege.
by Kottonmouth King Lover January 07, 2010
SoCal Ruthless Hardcore= SRH

Not What All Those Stoners Reeking Havok

Its Socal Ruthless Hardcore.
by THEREALD-LOC May 20, 2010
A really gay clothing line that you can find at any mainstream clothing store. Srh does not practice what they preach, because they are supposed to represent the underdog. (What underdog is making millions?) There's nothing RADICAL about making money from teenager's, when they think it's cool to wear a shirt saying your cool! btw FUCK MTV
Did you hear that song srh from kmk? now I'm going to buy an srh shirt from pac sun, so-cal socks, a kingspade bandana! I'm also going to call myself a bro
by fuckfema August 07, 2009

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