A plain and simple way to point out someone who smokes weed, particularly white trash, someone from the 909, or idiots who like to tell others they engage in illegal activity. Support Radical Habits is what it really stands for, but alot of idiots like to say Support Reeking Havock, even thought "reeking" is spelled with a W.
The cops pulled over Justin Perez, an idiot from costa mesa, because he had a giant "SRH" sticker on the back of his windsheild.
by nickatinalover March 11, 2008
Supposed to mean Stoners WREAKING Havoc, but SRH kids are stupid, and go with what means Stoners Smelling of Havoc (SRH). Initialy intended to be a group of kids that smoke marijuana and skate and what not, but turned out to be alot of kids who try to be hard when their friends are around, act like assholes to anyone and everyone for no reason, and think that everyone envy's them. SRH kids like to think that everyone except for them are really gay, but in reality, they are so gay and unreasonable that society has shunned them from any cool people and forced them to hang with each other, and I guess they are pissed about it. SRH kids tend to not be very attached to the other SRH kids they hang out with. For example, I knew of this SRH group who got caught stealing stuff from Wallgreens. When one of them got caught, he put all the blame on his "Best friend". This is very common SRH behavior. If you like to smoke bud, as I do, and you like to have fun and shit, do not consider yourself an SRH kid. Everybody hates them, and for good reasons too.
SRH kid: Hey fag!
Normal kid:, wut?
SRH kid: You're GAY!
Normal kid: ...Wow man, I wish I could be as cool as you.
SRH kid: Sorry, fags are gay.
Normal kid: Hey Joe, lets kick this kid's ass.
by Bud-head January 31, 2007
srh has rly awesome riders such as twitch and scummy. surfers ryan judson and nate anderson and sk8r Zachary peacock
Jeremy "twitch" Stenberg is sponsered by SRH
by i luv Twitch Stenberg!!! February 25, 2005
a complete joke and full of kids that run their mouth alot but wont do anything unless they have their friends

they love smoking weed

they love riding quads and dirtbikes

they love dating ugly girls

they love kmk

they love spades

does this sound like u? then if so go to your local hardcore 101 or other srh store and buy a 6 or 7 shirts with the spades one them. dont worry about how it will look because everyone else will have that shirt.
kmk, spades, riding awesome quads, popular

hey man im in srh and i have a sweet dirtbike?
by EdgexJohn October 03, 2006
Secretly Really Homo
person 1: Dude he's cool.

Person 2:No man he's SRH
by Erik from East county October 28, 2006
Sperm Retention Headache
Sperm Retention Headache
Sperm Retention Headache
Sperm Retention Headache
Sperm Retention Headache
man i have not butsted a nut in slow long i have SRH
by boones January 18, 2004
S ac

R iding

H omos
bro faggits that like KmK and all they do is smoke weed and think they are the shit SRH BRO!!!! fuckin fags
by fdgdfgpdf August 08, 2006

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