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A governing body that takes your balls keeps them in a jar restricting visitation to a minimum. SPOY victims may also start to resemble Sanjiya from American Idol since all testosterone has been removed.
Justin can't come out tonight...he's SPOy property now.
by Pet a File May 12, 2007
A substance that brings excruciating joy to an individual after having been released from the power of one's pwnage over others.
As a result from the excitement of his massive victory in the Halo tournament, Robert yelled out in happiness as his spoy exploded over the competition.
by Ares21 August 08, 2006
Possibly but not necessarily a member of the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community, a Spoy is a person who, both on MSN Messenger and IRC, idles and pretends to be away a lot.
Bob's being a Spoy again. He won't answer my messages.
by Sparky2002b September 03, 2005
Slam Pig Of the Year - A women/girl that fucks the most men in a year.

The top honor among slutty women given to them by the men they screw.
If she banged all of us at a party, she'd be the S.P.O.Y.

That skank fucks so many men, she is a candidate for Slam Pig Of the Year.
by 603's Finest January 24, 2008
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