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Stupid Piece Of Sh*t Headphones. Used in anger or frustration at loss of stereo effect while listening to a song.
This is my second pair of earbuds from the same brand that has broken. SPOSH. >_< >_< >_<
by Musikk June 19, 2009
Sposh is a joining of the two names Spod and Josh. Spod and Josh are a charasmatic comedy duo found in Aberystwyth, Wales worthy of much respect for their fun times and comic genius spread amongst the world.
Hey i saw Sposh last night, they're fuckin awesome, im not even mad, thats amazing!!

Did you hear what Sposh said! It was so funny, they are cool as fuck

by Spodders October 26, 2007
A posh spaz, so a spazzy posh person :)
yo tim look at that guy over there, he is so sposh
by Jumpin Jason October 30, 2007
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