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Suck Penis and Die Retard
SPDR you worthless homo!
by Charlie September 05, 2003
A reference from ilovebees (Halo)

SPDR (System Peril Distributed Reflex) is a reactive emergency twitch encoded holographically into the fabric of top-tier ONI AIs
If an AI gets damaged its the job of the SPDR (itself a low level AI) to perform system repairs.
by Redsmartie November 23, 2004
Suck Penis and Die Retard

i.e. Spdrman (commonly referred to as a guy who sucks dick) or Spdrwoman (a Gal) Usually a moniker of the classic superhero Spiderman.
That guy is Spdrman, he likes his sausages big!
by Ghettoz September 10, 2003