Sweat pants boner. When a guy gets an unexplainable boner simply because he's wearing sweat pants.
Girl: what's wrong with your pants?
Guy: don't worry about it. I'm jut rockin' an spb
by DressiesInMyButthole January 31, 2010
Top Definition
Means for short 'Skanky pie bitch' a girl that generally tries to be the town bike but fails. Generally gets messy when out and about in town.
Mann, she's definately a spb i heard she got the clap in town the other day
by Christoofar_Howards December 22, 2009
An acronym for Small Penis Boy.
I was going to hook up with Reed but then I found out he was SPB!
by velocitygrrl March 18, 2009
Hi, I don't know how to talk to girls or how to be a boy. I am lacking testicles. I will text you, but then in person I won't talk to you because you're "annoying". I suddenly turn blush when a female is in within a 5 mile radius. My hooking up experience is minimal to none.
Max and Phil are SPBs.
by Catherine Goldbach February 02, 2008
a shorter version of calling the skate gang "Silly Pink Bunnies"
Yo dog! We should join the SPB cus they got our backs!
by Dorkasaur July 12, 2006
Straight Pimpin' Ballaz - A family of Subaru enthusiasts who love, in particular, the Subaru Impreza and asshattery.
Wherever you go, whatever you do, SPB will be there upping the ante for asshattery.
by The real Jard April 20, 2006
Sparkle Peen (Penis) Brigade --- refers to the sparkly nature of vampires in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books. Especially the romantic hero of the books, Edward. Well, if the rest of Edward sparkles ...

A member of the SPB is a fan of Twilight, and a fan of Twiight fan fiction (especially good, smutty Twilight fan fiction)
Hell yeah I'm a member of the SPB; I love Twilight fan fiction, the hotter the better!
by Little Dynamo June 25, 2009
Special Projects Bitch - A person identified in any organization to complete initiatives that have failed previously or who is given efforts that no one else wants
Are your the SPB for that dog of an effort? Great working with you buddy...
by Darthblano December 09, 2013
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