the stuff you get in your inbox that you should sign-up for
IRC - #spam
by nofx March 18, 2003
a person with a extremly large forhead
ali ali gadid he has a big spam who is in 10v haverstock
by acjtk November 14, 2006
1.SPecial hAM
you have to be special to eat it
2. an exceptionally large forehead. you have top slap the offender on the forehead whilst exclaiming 'SPAM!' at the top of your voice
3. A Vehicular accident

1.That window licker has Spam Sandwiches

2. SPAM! big forehead

3. You've spammed your motor you bummer
by Bummy Bummerson October 17, 2005
Unwanted. Stupid. Retarted.
Shut up you spam!!!!!
by Tasha February 22, 2005
anything that really sucks
"That nasty canned garbage must be Spam."
by r0bby November 22, 2003
yucky stuff from dead pplz feet in a can x.x
Gary: Ew! You're eating spam?!?! Do you know watz in dat stuff dude?

DikBulc: ... no... wat? O_O

Gary: ... yucky stuff from dead pplz feet!

DikBulc: O_O ? *chokes* x.x

Narrorator: Don't Eat Spam! O_O
by *~Dezzy Ray~* June 13, 2008
That's what HyperStream is. Mindless SPAM.
by Lone Lobo October 10, 2004

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