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A 12 bit sampling drum machine with built in sequencer that preceded the more famous SP1200 by a few years. Made by E-mu. The SP12 had a total of 5-7 seconds of sampling time if it was a "Turbo" version, and around 2.5 seconds of sampling time for a standard version. Samples were saved and loaded from 5.25" floppy disks. Some of the channel outputs had fixed low-pass filters assigned to them and the tone of the 12 bit sounds plus the filters gave rhythm tracks a warm signature sound. The "swing" function of the sequencer was also a popular feature. The SP12, unlike the SP1200, had a set of factory sounds similar in nature to other drum machine sounds of the mid-80's era machines (TR-808, TR-909, etc.).
"I'm the Benihana chef on the SP12" - Ad Rock (of the Beastie Boys) in the song "Putting Shame In Your Game"
by Nate C July 05, 2005
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