Sex on the ice. When a group of bored teenagers get together in a ice rink and cant think of anything better to do... LOL

This also relates to roti, groti and doti (take a guess)
*2 people stack on the ice on top of eachother

person 1: Ouch looks painful
person 2: nope that looks like SOTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by av 4 eva October 11, 2006
a whole language created by the woden bums! to be used at ice-skating rinks around large groups of people. just like doti: Death on the ice! There are many more; such as groti & roti: I'll let u work those ones out :P
xxel-belliexx: look some people stacked on the ice
xxswellpowerxx: OMG thier having soti!!!
xxel-belliexx: melt that ice!!
xxswellpowerxx: omg thats my boyfreind!! im gonna kill her!
xxel-belliexx: DOTI!
etc etc
by el_bellie October 11, 2006
Smirking on the Inside - an IM reference to replace the overused "LOL", in which instance people are most often not actually laughing out loud.
by Spiffy McFly October 06, 2008
An acronym for Storm of The Imperial Sanctum, a custom game map for the PC game Starcraft 2. It is a remake of DotA, a popular Warcraft III custom game.
My girlfriend told me it's "her or starcraft 2" which almost worked in her favor until I discovered SOTIS. PEACE OUT, BITCH!
by btgebo August 06, 2010
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