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Acronym for State Of The Art, as being on the cutting edge of technology, the latest in fashion, owning the newest version of an appliance.
I was using (playing with) a Vic-20 long before most of humanity ever heard of RAM, or byte, or motherboard - I was so SOTA, I could hear the wind whistling in my ears.
Me: "This screen has 16 colors you can peek, poke"

You: (Monochrome monitor user) "SOTA!"
by MadNotAngry April 30, 2009
Swag. Out. The. Ass.

When someone has an overabundance of swag
"Bryce definitely has SOTA"
by Hugh Girection October 26, 2011
Sarasota,Florida home of tha dread heads,chevy and the gold teeth
fuck boy:Aye fuck boy where u from?
Sota Boy:Bitch im a sota boy
by Antione October 26, 2007
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