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Smash On Sight
Dude i went to a party and saw a chick i wanted to SOS so bad!
by Slinkybean96 June 07, 2011
2 6
used during internet chat to tell someone's (unwanted) behind!

can also be used in if someone's following or stalking u!
xgal: i'm tellin' u, ur brother is the shit!
ygal: sos! (someone on shoulder)
by Genjihimora December 07, 2009
0 6
SOS n. Shit on a Shingle.

In the military this refers to creamed chipped beef on toast.

In the Southern US, a similar dish is made consisting of chunks of fried ground beef in a thin cream gravy, served over toast. It is associated with poverty, because it is cheap, packed with calories, and filling.
"Hey mama, is that SOS ready yet?"

"Naw, we're out of PET milk, somebody's gonna hafta go ta the store."
by Uncle Ned October 05, 2009
2 11
Stuck on stupid
she's (nens) so SOS.
by d33znutz8282 May 30, 2009
7 16
A gang in the suburb Federl Way just South of Seattle. SOS means "Sons of Somoa"
Last night I saw the SOS run in with the Hoovers down in Federal Way.
by lilnative January 24, 2009
15 24
A military acronym for cream-chipped beef meaning "Shit On Shingles". (Shingles referring to toast)
Awh damn, S.O.S. in the mess AGAIN?!
by SGT.PAYNE January 25, 2011
10 21

To be used when in online discussion and another party (whom you do not want to see anything suspicious being sent from the partner(s) you are having the conversation with)

Useful when the parent walks in and then there is no need for suspicious minimizing on the computer screen.
Tiff: Timmyyy, how you feeling?
Tim: Oh baby, i'm in the mood ;)
---Tiff's father walks in---
Tiff:Wait, SOS
Tim:Ok, so, about the science homework due tomorrow....
by ZeFenomeno June 08, 2009
4 15