To censor yourself or delete a comment/post/link you have posted due to possible incrimination of something.
1: "Hey, I saw you wrote on my wall but now it's gone... what's up?"
2: "Sorry dude, I had to SOPA myself just in case my girl saw."
by joinro January 19, 2012
This is probably one of the greatest pieces of legislation ever. It basically destroys this little thing called the internet by giving the United States government power to shut down any website. Fans of the internet think this is bad, but in reality it's really good because the internet is full of pirates stealing stuff from virtual ships of the coast of These pirates recently took over and had to be taken out by
This example was removed by the United States Government for violating SOPA/PIPA.
by mauchspeed January 21, 2012
a substance that cleans dyslexic people
2: Why? We don't need more dirty dyslexic people in the world.
by cowsandsocks January 28, 2012
Literally meaning soup in spanish, but realy when you don't know how to use soap/Don't use soap/Don't shower
Well, Judy doesn't know how to use soap... Err... Sopa!
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
A bill that everyone hates for no particular reason. Its a bill to stop piracy and regulate sites like Google so its actions don't inadvertently support intellectual theft in much the same way that the government regulates the steel industry so it doesn't produce shitty buildings that collapse everywhere. Google does not like this much like the steel industry did not like Unions, so they got the mob to not like it either by blacking out their masthead. Seems simple, but it worked.
John: When Seal Team Six shot pirates everyone loved them. SOPA kills modern piracy and everyone hates it. I guess there is still room to be a pirate in the world after all.

Joe: Dude, that bill made wikipedia block out and since I get all my information from there I have no idea what SOPA is, but it must be bad if everyone doesn't like it so much.

John: You just saw the censored thing on Pornhub and can't stand the idea that your porn site might go away.

Joe: Shut up!
by that guy 33 January 18, 2012
Its spanish slang for gay or homosexual used in ecuador.
no me jodas sopa or yo sabia que el era sopa.
by zam84 December 12, 2010
An act congress tried to pass in an attempt to try and stop online piracy. This act is unconstititional and defeats the purpose of the Internet. The Internet was created to distribute information regardless of what it is. This act would break the internet. It is bad enough the freaking NSA watches everything you do we don't need these idiots censoring the constitution.
Guy 1: Did you hear congress is trying to pass a law that will prevent online piracy? It's called SOPA.
Guy 2: That is unconstitutional and will fail instantly.
by youareapiratedowhatyouwant December 23, 2014
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