This message was censored by Sopa.
by Blinkehboy January 24, 2012
A piece of shit started by the government that removes copyrighted stuff from the Internet. Don't care? This means that all lyrics videos will be removed from YouTube. And that a lot of stuff on Wikipedia will be removed too.
Internet: I used to be great, until I took SOPA to the knee.
by Mematman15 January 18, 2012
Congress Barking Up The Wrong Tree.
Holy Shit Take My Name Off The SOPA Bill, Google Yahoo Ebay And Go Daddy Are Going To Ruin My Political Career.
by David12345678 January 20, 2012
the Spanish word for soup.
Lisa: ugh! SOPA is making me mad!
Bob: Soup is making you mad?
Lisa: What?!?!
Bob: Soup. SOPA is the Spanish word for soup.
by BrunettesRuleTheWorld January 19, 2012
SOPA created sufficient uproar that it will likely be elevated to part of the language. It ought to be a generic adjective: anything that is too quick'n'easy, arrogant, and poorly thought out. Something SOPA is instantly predictable by the intellectually challenged to have no chance of working. The slapdash aspect of the definition provides a nod to usage in Brazil. There should be an undercurrent of at least one of the Capital Vices in the intent behind an action before describing it as SOPA.
"Motherfucker! Five antennas look dapper posing on your tower, Dog, but the router location is SOPA. Your chine is an RFI supernova. I just got dc again."
"Maybe it's your laptop."
"It's 2a bro, I should be able to raid without shame!"
by Merlionrs8 February 22, 2012
Sopa is Portuguese for soup. Just ask Google Translate.
by soupisnice January 21, 2012
Portuguese word for 'soup'.
Slang for something that's too easy, in Brazil.
1+1=2. Isso é "sopa"! (That's too easy!)
by BrazilianVicki January 18, 2012

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