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Somia is an abbreviation for social media. The reasons for choosing Somia are solid. In our routine life we are using facebook, twitter,, linkedIn, etc. Yet social media is an expanding and fast growing concept, now when we want to write or talk about social media, using it, business on it, social media applications, social media marketing.... it makes life much easier to say, write, read and think "somia" instead on social media. somia is a word that has no definition in major languages, except in a rare medical term. Plus somia can be pronounced smoothly in different languages and accents therefore it's easily acceptable by people. there is a blog to follow updates on this word as well. better to use and spread "somia" and you can also google it to find more information.
"Somia marketing" instead of social media marketing
"Somia apps" instead of social media apps
"Somia expert" instead of social media expert
by Prixma October 20, 2012

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