Sort of Lucky
Even though I lost all of my money on the slots, I'm SOL that is was my dead uncle's money that I used.
by nolaughingmatter May 02, 2010
A shortened version of the place 'Solihull' in or connected to Birmingham. Most common people to use 'Sols' are youths or chavs.
Chav 1: Yo blud, wagwarning with you today?
Chav 2: Nothing blud,nothing, just landing up Sols.
Chav 1: Solihull?
Chav 2 Yeye Blud.
by AnonymousBlud April 28, 2012
SOL= Smile Out Loud
Often used by realist Social Network-ers who want to be told the truth, not that another person is laughing when they're actually smiling or doing something else with their mouth.

Note: Never use incorrectly, for example, do not say SOL if you are laughing, frowning or doing something else with your mouth.

A: LOL, jokes guy (whilst smiling)
B: Say SOL you lying piece of poo.
by haidanSOLLERZ July 05, 2011
to smile out loud, much like the phrase LOL (Laugh out loud) but in most cases, people do not actually laugh at what is said, they just smile, or literally do nothing, but pretend to say it was funny by saying LOL. Now, you can be more truthful in what you did.

Lisa: Yeah im literally going to fail this science test.

Andy: Yeah me too, i didnt even study SOL
by biancface May 16, 2011
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