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To the wigger from New Zealand:

SOAD are who they are and they are not afraid to express themselves through their music. They're not goths, devil worshippers, or freaks, they are Armenians who combined musical influences to create a unique sound for their band. Many of their songs can actually be concerned poems because of metaphoric lyrics that can't be easily understood and need interpitation, While other songs are political with more easily understood lyrics. Political and metaphoric lyrics, don't you think that's kind of a lot compared to rap's "better lyrics" that usually don't go much deeper than "bling-bling" and "hoes".

Here's a short list of SOAD's musical influences:

Heavy Metal(obviously)
Armenian Folk
Hip Hop(Your music)
Punk Rock
Alternative Rock

No gothic or satanic influence, only ignorant fucks who barely get any exposure to non-pop or non-rap music would mistake them for goths or satanists.
SOAD hit songs includes:

Chop Suey
Prison Song
by Armen February 25, 2004
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Soad means system of a down
daron malakian-guitar
john dolmayan-drums
serj tankian-singer
shavo odadjian-bass
band was famous in 1995
and released their first album in 1998
by John Fru August 16, 2003
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System Of A Down

-the best fucking band in the world
-lead singer, Serj Tankain is a genius
SOAD kicks major amounts of ass
by h-town October 13, 2003
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I jsut picked up the new SOAD CD
by Raziel April 21, 2003
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Anyone that says Syatem of A Down just scream shit cuz they cant read theyre own unintelligible lyrics is an asshole. SOAD is a unique, unclassifiable band that mixes an awsome drummer that goes as fast as anyone out there, a basist who was called one of the top ten basists of all time(the first of course from Metallica), A top 5 ranked gutarist, and a vocalist with one of the most unique, and versatile voices in music today. if someone asks you if you listen to system of a down, you say yes, and they hate you, they're just afraid to listen to something thats not cool, hip, or popular!!!
poular kid: do you listen to SOAD?
me: of cousre!
popular kid: they're not on mtv at all, how are they cool?!
me: *wastes popular kid with dual smgs*
by Gannon May 09, 2006
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i'm seeing a SOAD concert in a month.
by psychoman364 June 16, 2003
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system of a down.
Its a band.
released its 1st album in 1998
system of a down were awsome at the reading/leeds festival.
by sk8er August 26, 2003
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