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The intense lifestyle one leads after purchasing a Snuggie. The SNUG LIFE is compromised of administrating urban neighborhoods while being in the complete comfort and warm sensation of a Snuggie. No longer will your hands be cold when: 1) reaching for your gat 2) bitches gettin' blapped 3) hoes gettin' slapped.
DP and Killah KLimon don't give a fuck their front wheels got stolen, 'cause they be runnin' that SNUG LIFE
#bbbd #nrw #cclt #crenshen killed #penguin sauce
by rastaysballin November 13, 2009
Thug life in a snuggie.
Person 1: Dude I owned that kid!
Person 2: Snug life!
#snuggie #thug #life #snug #gangster #gangsta
by Dtx3 November 05, 2009
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