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Oakton high schools fakest bitches. These girls only have eachother and like to keep it that way. You never see them at parties, only when they use their "friend" megga beth for her house. None of them are hot and who knew blondes could have mustaches? Get a life you stupid whores. Oakton hates you.
Let's go drink at MB's cause we have no friends
by pen15 May 05, 2005
Snob Mob a group of ugly ass bitches at Oakton High School. These girls think their the shit b/c their families have money. they like to pretend that their "good girls" but in reality these girls are probably some of the biggest whores around, esp. if theres beer involved, even though their probably not even drunk. they have the most annoying voices and are always complaining or bitching about something. overall they think they rule oakton high school but they would be nothing if it wasnt for the guys.
"hey "SM" lets have a hot tub party and you can suck my dick doint"

"ok sounds good to us, we'll bring the PCP"
by the shit niggaaa May 05, 2005
"SM." richeness cant buy beauty obviously.. these bitches rig prom court and homecoming court every year. nobody actually likes their secret whoreness. HUGE beer sluts. PCP is one of their favorite drugs, but if u ask them they were "slipped a pill."
hey soma im gonna call u tonight ill give u beer to suck my black dick

soma: okay hahahhahahah SM!
by sm lover May 04, 2005
yeah wrong snob mob, you may be going to college but your not respectable your just a bunch of whores and nobody's jelous of you or pissed they can't get ass from you, nobody wants your skank ass's anyways after all the wiggers from robinson and west springfield have touched you. Nobody likes you because your the biggest bitches at oakton, and you're openminded? Fuck that shit you guys only hang out with eachother and wiggers. People wrote this so you ladies would clearly see what sluts you are, not becuase their jelous of you.
sucks to be you doesn't it SM?
by head pimp at oakton May 08, 2005
These bitches are straight up fake. Desperate whores who think suckin dick will get them a guy who cares. Hey sluts, your wrong. guys dont want you, your fake as shit and you got no personality. lets all go do pcp and claim it was date rape!! then we can suck so much dick that the school wont get us in trouble! what a sad bunch of fucks
yo katie you want some pcp?
katie: no im a good girl i dont do that
yo katie you want some weed with pcp in it, you can just pretend you dont know
katie: alright! ill suck the althletic department off so i dont get kicked off the lax team!
by flava flav! May 08, 2005
wow i'm glad we are all so mature these days and i'm even more glad that this is the way we are ending our senior year...
if anyone has something to say maybe you should try saying it in person instead of posting it on a website so no one knows who you are.
by ok cool May 09, 2005
i disagree with the previous postings on the snob mob... i think they are the most respectable group of girls at oakton. the only reason people think bad things about them is because they're just jealous that they cant even hang out with them much less get ass from them. maybe they would hang out with you if you werent so gay.. last time i checked we were all in high school and every guy at oakton acts like they never left middle school. the snob mob members are doing things with their lives... going to respectable colleges and actually having the open-mindedness to meet new people... not going to tech or jmu or trashy radford. so maybe whoever wrote the other things about SM should pull their heads out of their asses long enough to realize that the only reason they wrote those things was because they are jealous. sucks to be you.
ohs boy: slike i heard you hooked up with some guy this weekend
SM: no actually you were the one hookin up with dudes loser
ohs boy: no that was audrey
SM: same thing
by we're cooler than you fag May 07, 2005
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