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The acronym for Savage Negro Beast.

Usually used to describe negros who commit violent crimes.

The actions of SNBs are usually called TNB (Typical Nigger Behaviour). SNBs are the leading cause of niggerfuxation.

As a group they are known as a tribe,sewer or groidle of SNBs. The leader of a group of SNBs is called the HNIC (Head Nigger In Charge).
"Those SNBs in Knoxville murdered 2 kids"

"Those SNBs in Jena beat that boy"

"Today at KFC I was in line behind a SNB"

by ROPETHERAPY September 29, 2007
Referred to the game, "suck and blow"
SNB was the game played at the party in the movie, Clueless.
by lysslovee May 18, 2008
Stupid Niggerish Bass. A acronym I made up as a mobile installer. Any song that pounds on a system, makes shit rattle in undamped cars etc. Especially popular in ghettos, college towns and suburbs.
Mark- "That car has snb"
Jim- "I know and it sounds like dick"
Mark- "My contacts fell out when it drove by"
Jim- "God it sound like dick"
by irn'n September 06, 2008
Straight, No Butt Sex

Modern Jazz Terminology...
Just lay down the track, SNBS...

"Yo, you want an intro on that?" "Nah...SNBS."
by Big Al The King of Pianey November 23, 2006
Sad News Bears. similar to the use of FML. usually added at the end of a sentence to describe a sad or pathetic situation.
Today I fell drunkenly on my phone and not only did no one offer to help me up but my phone also broke. SNB.
by KPSS February 03, 2010
An expression derived from the title of a Thelonious Monk Tune, "Straight, No Chaser."
"How involved are the arrangements?" "They're SNBS...just hit it and quit it."
by JPSlaterMaxx November 27, 2006
Getting a blowjob while eating a snickers - Snickers N Blowjob = SNB
I had an SNB with Mary last night, it was niiiiiiiiice
by Jcokes October 14, 2010
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