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A place to 'snap' a turd off in. Aka toilet or shitter.
Which snap trap did you just use?
The one up the back.
Roger said not to use that one to shit in.
by Cwips February 05, 2004
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n., v.

When one sends a Snapchat photo to someone that they have recently contacted through text, Facebook message, twitter DM, etc. but not received a reply, with the intention of seeing if the receiver is in fact, ignoring or avoiding them as any snaps sent have a status indicator of whether the person has received or opened the aforementioned snap. If the snap was opened, the sender knows s/he is on his phone, fully capable of replying.

This can also be done to see if the person is actively on their phone BEFORE contacting them through text, Facebook etc.

This simple tactic is usually used by smart(crazy) girlfriends who are concerned about their boyfriends whereabouts or what he is doing and want to trap him with a snapchat, invalidating any excuse such as "my phone died, my phone was off, I wasn't using my phone" etc.
I told my girlfriend I was busy and couldn't use my phone but i really was at home with the side bitch. She texted me 3 times anyway to which i didn't reply then she sent me a Snaptrap. I opened it by accident and she immediately called me and asked what I was really doing.
by JGreen150 October 02, 2014
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when they won't text back but they opened that last snapchat
I know she saw my message, she fell for my snaptrap.
by failsafe June 03, 2015
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When someone snapchats you without you knowing and without permission.
Marcea always asks me to repeat the funny things I say so she can snaptrap me.
by Aunt Jenny June 05, 2016
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