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Situation Normal - All Fucking Awesome!

Acronym. Adjective, Noun, Verb

A state of mind when nothing can get you down. A lifestyle choice where your choices & actions are influenced by positive decisions & vibes.

A person in a SNAFA state overly compliments the people around him/her in their accomplishments no matter how big or small, because we've all been conditioned since birth to highlight negativity, i.e., SNAFU, and it is a constant internal struggle within the ego to exude positivity.

Without SNAFA, most people will give up their dreams or never realize their ideas' potential due to cultural negativity &/or jealousy.
"Hey thanks for the SNAFA! Those haters' been hounding me lately."

Jeff to Dan: "How can you always be smiling?"
Dan: "Can't help it, SNAFA!"
by Hans just Hans like Madonna October 02, 2011
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