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n. - an abbreviation for Secret Masters of Fandom, usually used in the science-fiction community. It can apply jokingly to the idea there is a secret 'conspiracy' group controlling the masses of a fandom, or it can simply refer to the "unsung" types who organize conventions.
If you enjoyed this Bi-Mon Sci-Fi Con, you ought to thank the SMOFs who put it all together.
by DoMM April 13, 2006
Suck Me Off Faggot
Facebook Chat.

Guy 1: i h8 you i don't even know why anyone likes you.

Guy 2: SMOF
by AngusFromNowraWriteThis March 08, 2012
Sniffing My Own Fart...

To smell my own anal emissions.... and ENJOY! MMMMMMMM!
I was round at my friend's house i let one go... i smelt it... and thought "WOW that is sweet mmmmmmm!"

Unfortunately upon witnessing me smof no one else agreed with me!
by Smof K October 23, 2011

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