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describes when you feel attractive, confident, humorous, and a little bit sexual.
Friend: You look good today!
Guy: I feel very smip right now actually.
Friend: I love that feeling, but when I get it, I end up accidentally doing something really embarrassing and clumsy.
Guy: That is a dangerous potential side effect of excess smip.
by theblancpages February 10, 2013
Stands for 'suck my imaginary penis'.
Person 1: You know what?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: SMIP.
Person 2: Oh no you didn't.
Person 1: Oh yes I did.
by IMASIANORLY? November 27, 2008
A southern maryland inport. person who migrated into southern maryland.
House prices sure are up since the smip invasion.
by chris gill May 25, 2006