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Sudden massive existence failure. The instantaneous dissappearance of a great deal of stuff.
Large parts of S.E.Asia experienced SMEF due to the tsunami, they /it was SMEFed.
by Tel March 29, 2005
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Acronym for "Super Mega Epic Fail" for when someone shows that Darwinism isn't weeding out the not so smart folks.
Guy 1: "Steve ordered 500 shirts, all of which were the wrong color, had the wrong logo on them, the wrong fonts for said logo and somehow managed to get the shirt company to add on an extra $500 in fees."
Guy 2: "Holy SMEF!"
by langtoncakes April 21, 2009
Shirtless men eat for free.
Damn, girl. He ridin with his top down and the chest be like awl that. SMEF Anytime!
by Marcella0425 November 20, 2009
When someone looses their olfactory sence. Or does not have the ability to smell.
Like when someone can't see they are blind. Or when someone can't hear they are deaf. So when someone is Smef they can't smell.
by blu:ren August 08, 2008
SMEF - Super Manic Epic Fail. Used to describe something that is more than just an Epic Fail!
"He/she's such a SMEF", "My computer is being a complete SMEF!", "Her pictures are absolutely SMEF."
by Jamara May 06, 2008

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