Silently Laughing at the Office
Jen was SLO over the LOLCat Ben had sent her
by AstridBF May 31, 2013
Top Definition
San Luis Obispo
Cal Poly SLO
by Irie April 10, 2003
Serious lack of skill, used in the gaming world.
Eg: That guy has some major slos issues!
by Olli Sorsamo June 27, 2007
A very Good Thing Indeed. From the expression 'Skins Left On' i.e. full of goodness.
A more up to date version of FTW!
Peanut Butter Sanwiches SLO!
by multiplication September 11, 2008
San Luis Obispo, California
A city comprised of only stuck up, rich white kids whose parents buy them whatever they want and support their drug and alcohol problems.
I love SLO because it is so white-bred
by I heart Cal Poly April 10, 2004
a mix between slut and ho. another term for slore
person 1: did u hear brittney slept with that senior last night?

person 2: that slo!
by flyingchinchilla April 16, 2011
The cross between a slut and a ho
The slo tried to steal my man.
by Janelle and Stephaine January 04, 2003
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