Fucked up city with crack whores and white trash losers every where. Bitches inhabit this dump.
Fuck SLO, lets go to Pismo or Morro Bay
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
A very Good Thing Indeed. From the expression 'Skins Left On' i.e. full of goodness.
A more up to date version of FTW!
Peanut Butter Sanwiches SLO!
by multiplication September 11, 2008
San Luis Obispo, California
A city comprised of only stuck up, rich white kids whose parents buy them whatever they want and support their drug and alcohol problems.
I love SLO because it is so white-bred
by I heart Cal Poly April 10, 2004
a mix between slut and ho. another term for slore
person 1: did u hear brittney slept with that senior last night?

person 2: that slo!
by flyingchinchilla April 16, 2011
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