A badass grime/uk garage mc.
'Hype! Hype!' by SLK
by Loop (Yik) February 18, 2005
Top Definition
German-made Mercedes-Benz roadster. Hot-ass two-seater car. Available in varying engines, all guaranteed to get you laid.
There isn't a man or woman that doesn't gain attractiveness behind the wheel of an SLK.
by SLK Driver December 15, 2003
A two door hot ass roadster made by Mercedes Benz. With many different engines available. Sports package was an option, also referred to as the AMG package.
Not to be confused with the SLK32 because that whole car is AMG. But any package or engine will make you look 10 times sexier behind the wheel. Guy or girl. If its an SLK your looking SLiK. The only drawback is you cant fit more then one girl in the car SAFELY.
Hater #1: Dude check out that guy in his fancy SLK, you see how many girls are all up on him.

Hater #2: Yeah man I see it. I wish I had an SLK. I would actually have a girl friend. Stupid rich kid.
by Drewby230 January 24, 2009
short for Sri Lankan, mostly used to define a sinhalese
A: whats your background?
B: am SLK
by SLK Familia July 09, 2009
SLK is a klique in tha 402. Started by Rob-Nasty, DLOW, Zudin, BLO & Big Willie. SLK stands for Savage Life Klique.
SLK cuz!
by Young Savage 402 July 04, 2009
Abbreviation of "Sweet Lady Kisses". Used for privacy when talking about the latest lesbian act you have seen or been a part of.
Girl 1: We totally got our SLK on when we were at your house yesterday.
Girl 2: Yeah, it was totally rad. My place tonight?

Glee Fan: Santana and Brittany totally got their SLK on according to last night's episode!
Person: You have an unholy fascination with fictional high school cheerleaders.
by She'sTheBlade January 15, 2012
slk, short for slick
Kid1231287234 : Man that guy was slk with the chicks at school today
Kid12837132: YEAH !
by examples January 07, 2006
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