A person who is currently without Internet.
Yo I'm a slif right now but as soon as my mom pays the Internet bill i'll be back on-line.
by Eugene Spokes September 06, 2010
Top Definition
Sorry liver it's Friday, time to get waste, hammered, shit faced, drunk, enjoy the weekend livin in the now
I just got off work its 4pm Friday it's time for a jack on the rocks or some don Julio... Sorry liver it's Friday(slif)
by Devin G1503 September 22, 2013
an abbreviation for “so lame it's funny” can also be said as “it’s so lame it’s funny”
Wright Brothers: this flying machine will change the world as we know it
Critic: this plan is SLIF... LOL
by jai614 April 17, 2006
To give "the finger" sideways
Particularly handy when in front of impressionable people
I "sliffed" that dirty bitch or
I told them to get stuffed and gave them the "slif"
by Rachiroo July 29, 2005
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