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4 definitions by jai614

a slang or jargon for Trust and Comfort
Rapport is the foundation for a long term relationship.
by Jai614 July 26, 2006
Astrology, palm reading, cosmos quizzes, and all that mystical bullshit that guys use to get girls saying 'wow, that's interesting'
it can also be stories that make them respond emotionally.
AFC: how did you get to lay her so fast man?
PUA: i just fed her some chick crack and she was all over me!
by Jai614 July 23, 2006
an abbreviation for “so lame it isn't funny” can also be said as “this is so lame it isn't funny”
boy #1: and that's why the chicken cross the road
boy #2: fuck! that was SLIIF!
by jai614 April 17, 2006
an abbreviation for “so lame it's funny” can also be said as “it’s so lame it’s funny”
Wright Brothers: this flying machine will change the world as we know it
Critic: this plan is SLIF... LOL
by jai614 April 17, 2006