A movie that kids do not get. A movie that inspires kids to want to get a mohawk and drink beer because theyre punk rock.
That poser calls himself Steve-o because he idolizes the movie SLC punk.
by no October 29, 2003
Top Definition
A great movie. Doesn't quite define anarchy very well, but does give the ideals and purposes of the punk rock scene of Salt Lake City in 1985. Some idiots may take it too serious though and use it as a way to base their life on and make themselves think they're punk.
Bob: "Sean, what are you doing outside man?" Sean: "Are you him?" Bob: "Yeah, I'm him." Sean: "Jesus! Have I sinned or am I going to heaven?" Bob: "haha, you're frying man. How much acid did you take?" Sean: "Wait, you're not him. You're Bob." Bob: "I'm Bob! how goes it?" Sean: "How are you doing that?" Bob: "Doing what?" Sean: "Walking on water. I can't get off this chair Bob, wanna know why." Bob: "Why?" Sean: "...Cuz I can't swim." Bob: "Oh, i get it. So uh, Sean, do you see land anywhere?" Sean: *squeek* *squeek* "No, just water."
by Nash Potter October 21, 2004
A movie about the punk scene in salt Lake City in the 80's. Also goes into some ideals of being an Anarchist.. A kickass movie any aspiring young punk should watch but dont base urself on this movies to be a punk. Because remember being punk is all about being urself not fuckin following some damn fashion or listening to a certain music type to be trendy and cool only posers to that fuckin posers godamn they need to die...
Steve-o:The thing with me and Bob and pretty much all of us was we hated red necks more than anything else period because rednecks to us were pretty much america incarnates and america well FUCK AMERICA!!!
by CarsonCityPunk July 26, 2005
A great movie that shows the 80's punk scene...
A coming of age movie that shows the path of a group of Salt Lake City Punkers...
A movie with a GREAT soundtrack...
A movie that unfortunately inspires millions of poseurs to decide to become punk because the movie kicked ass (death be to them)...
A movie that doesn't glorify the punk scene but instead shows the true brutality of it....
A movie worth seeing and loving but not to become a character in it....
Poseur Kid-"I watched SLC Punk Friday night and now I got a mohawk, spikes and I say fuck alot. I'm true. Anarchy, dude!"
Real Punk-"Shut the fuck up. You're an idiot. SLC Punk doesn't promote the punk scene at all you stupid bastard. Go crawl up and die, please."
by Esa1020 January 08, 2008
SLC Punk! Is a movie about 2 punks, Heroin Bob and Steve-O, who are 2 of the few punks in Salt Lake City in 1985. The movie shows you that when you dress like a punk to be independent you really are not because you are just wearing a uniform and not being independent.
"You see life is like that. We change, that's all. You see, the guy I am now is not the guy I was then. If the guy I was then met the guy I am now he'd beat the shit out of me. Those are the facts."
by APfromMSP March 14, 2005
kickass movie, metaphor, and something punks should look in to.

SLC Salt Lake City Punk

starring Matthew Lillard
To be an anarchist in Salt Lake City was certainly no easy task, especially in 1985. And having no money, no job, no plans for the future, the true anarchist position was in itself a strenuous job.
by Frank July 30, 2004
A great movie that inspires young punks/anarchist to be True and not wear pink and black arm-bands,dye thier hair pink, and say they skateboard...and spikes

And it's a stanious position! not job, the rest is right though, and i thank you for that
poser:dude i'm gettin a mowhawk this weekend, so i'll be a real punk
Real punk: your a faggot *punches poser*
by Colbeh Stiner October 02, 2004
Wow.. What can I say about SLC Punk? Well, for starters, it's a great movie that alomst anyone can relate to and/or get into. Not exactly appropriate for those under the age of 12, but hey, fuck your parents;; Watch it anyway.
Oh, and you, yeah you. The guy who's named "no" or whatever gay-ass name that is. You think that SLC Punk is a movie that kids don't get? Well fuck you man! I'm 14, and I've seen the movie 10 gillion times, and I own it. Oh, and you think that the movie will only "inspire" kids to get a mohawk and drink beer because it's "punk-rock"? Where the hell are you coming from? I fucking hate the taste of beer, and yeah, I've thought about getting a mohawk, but that was way before I saw the movie, buddy.
You're a faggot. GO DIE. :]
by Amberr June 11, 2006
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