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Stands for Stop Looking At My Bush. Used by bimbo blondes who get laid too much.
Guy: How you doin'?
Blonde: Fuck off and SLAMB!
by Antony January 13, 2006
referring to gnarly activities: such as drinking hurricane forties, philly rolling, thrashing on skateboards, throwing up bombs etc.
Dude, last night we slambed it up hard.
by Frizznasty July 10, 2008
A very rare type of sprinkle. very commen in the operating rooms of hospitals because every docter needs a snack while cutting people open i hope they eat with their less dominant hand and not get distracted by the slambs.
"my, my these are the best slambs i have eaten all day"
"i know docter i think we should stop helping this patient with their resperatory syndrom and get on with the slamb eating
by Kisabigfatlardbottem February 18, 2009