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A nickname for a lovely person with Duane Syndrome (syndrome of the eye). Who is married to an lgees(refer to the definition of "lgees" for more information.
Ksop your eye is acting up again, you should go get that checked out.
other examples of usage includes:"whats wrong with her eye?", obese lemon cake eateroh my god are you have a seziur in your eye?"
by Kisabigfatlardbottem February 18, 2009
A very rare type of sprinkle. very commen in the operating rooms of hospitals because every docter needs a snack while cutting people open i hope they eat with their less dominant hand and not get distracted by the slambs.
"my, my these are the best slambs i have eaten all day"
"i know docter i think we should stop helping this patient with their resperatory syndrom and get on with the slamb eating
by Kisabigfatlardbottem February 18, 2009
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