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Skwid is a friend f mine and he is cool. Sometimes we play the games and he tells me stories
Skwid: "Hi Greg, we are plyaing the games"

Greg: "Yes, I am better than you ar them"

Skwid: "No I will tell you a story"

Greg "Shut up"
by HiImGreg October 26, 2011
A stupid little fuck-nut that bases his or her life on the idea of rebelling against certain elements of popular culture and society. One who seeks uniqueness and originality but is ironically identical to everyone around them.
"Those fuckers riding their five-speeds with their pant legs pulled half way up might as well have six tentacles and a beak."

Plural; n; skwidz
by Harrison Bowser July 10, 2008
A child riding on the back of an adult Squid's motorcycle, who are usually dressed by the adult in the same attire as the adult to include: shorts, sandles or tennis shoes, t-shirt, brain bucket, and always lacking gloves and jacket.
"Hey, look at that sKwID on the back of that GSX-R1000. His parent should be more responsible, and put some gear on him!
by Voodoochyl October 29, 2007
(N.)One who is looked upon as lower than others; not well liked.
I hate that kid, he's such a skwid.
by AK31 May 26, 2007
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