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A motercycle helmet.
You could have been hurt alot worse in that accident if you had'nt been wearing a brain bucket.
by David Uttringer August 13, 2005
4948 3376
A term of endearment given to the military combat helmet, many moons ago.
Put your brain bucket on, it wasn't given to you to use as a stool.
by leadthrower August 28, 2006
203 86
A type of motorcycle helmet that enables motorcycle riders to be in compliance with the law where helmets are required, but offers inadequate protection, about that of a bicycle helmet
When he wrecked his motorcycle, he still got his face scraped up and his jaw broken because he was only wearing a brain bucket instead of a full face helmet
by Cloudchaser Sakonige April 11, 2010
55 12
Bicycle or motorcycle (or skateboard or scooter) helmet.
Lucky you had on your brain bucket, or they'd be all over the road.
by basbleu April 11, 2010
13 9
Northern California slang word for a helmet, often of the old military "steel pot" variety. It's worn by the neo-Nazis in the area.
Neo-Nazis and other wing nut types sometimes congregate and hold rallies in NoCal, or the Pacific Northwestern states to promote their hateful agenda. Some of them wear Klan Klown Konehead sheets, some wear brain buckets, some wear camies, some wear swastikas or other fascist insignia. It's funny that the helmets are called "brain buckets" because there's no brains in the thick heads underneath them, just piles of shit!
by All U Need Is Love April 11, 2010
22 22
A device that in many motorcycle accidents.....only the persons brain is the only thing left of thier head.......of witch i have to scrape off the pavement.........Thanks inventer of the brain bucket
wow........ANOTHER brain Bucket.........i can see his brains...........WHO WANTS STEAK????
by CoxsackieFireman April 13, 2010
3 16
Online motorcycle lifestyle magazine known as the "IN YOUR FACE BIKER E-ZINE!"

Can be found at
Dude, did you see on Brain Bucket that Harley is laying off employees like crazy!

Holy cow, Brain Bucket's Babe of the Month is smokin'!
by bikerdude May 06, 2009
20 93