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Special Kind Of Idiot. Pronounced 'skee'.

One who is at least one order of magnitude more fucktarded than the general population.

Also, a useful contraction of sk8er boi.
So, what's with Jim? He couldn't land the drunken whore at the bar?

Yes, he's a SKOI.
by bhalrog April 09, 2010
Skoi is Ska but yet it's ska for the skinheads...
Skoi - Ska/Oi
The band the Skoidats is a really good Skoi band.
by Court September 05, 2005
The act of having a good time
Example 1.
Lorenzo: "hey man, you want to come to my grandmothers tonight and watch M*A*S*H?"
Eric: "nah lets go out and get skoid"
Example 2:
Hugh: "dude i heard you dropped 2 caps of MDMA and listened to darude sandstorm on loop for 6 hours yesterday, how was it?"
Tom: " pretty skoi m8"
by toastface grillah January 18, 2015
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