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An abbreviation for "Sudden Jihad Syndrome."

SJS is the tendency among supposedly Westernized Muslims living in the United States to unexpectedly lash out violently in an act of self-initiated (and usually small scale) Islamic terrorism.

Examples include Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar who drove his SUV into a crowd at the University of North Carolina in 2006, Naveed Alzal Haq who shot people at a Jewish Federation Center in Seattle also in 2006, Hesham Mohammed Hadayet who murdered people at the El Al terminal in the Los Angeles Airport in 2002 — among many others.

In all of these instances, the perpetrators had no known direct connection to any established group, and because of this the authorities inevitably refrain from describing their actions as “terrorism” — hence the sarcastic term “Sudden Jihad Syndrome.”
CAIR SPOKESWHORE: "Jihad means one's own INNER struggle. You are purposely misrepresenting the teachings of Islam!"

ANYONE WITH EYES TO SEE: "Well, when someone breaks out with a case of SJS, it looks more like an OUTER conflict against random third parties." ROPMA
by (I am) John Doe November 06, 2008
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"Shiny Jet Syndrome", coined by an anonymous, but obsevant pilot.
An affliction wherein a (usually) young pilot is willing to go into massive debt to get training to get a flying job at starvation wages (often requiring living at parents home). Most sufferers get help at regional/commuter airlines, whose greedy bosses buy large numbers of small, cramped jets to accomodate them.
The military and major airlines don't usually have many SJS sfflictees as the entrance requirements are more stringent or applicants too jaded.

Gomer MUST have SJS! They're only going to pay him $17000 the first year and he didn't even tell the to f**k off!
by bruddah greg August 20, 2007
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internet slang for "Straight Jacket Status" - usually said on gchat between two friends when they are so bored at work/school that they are "losing their minds"
friend one: SJS
friend two: me too.
by jayvb4 March 15, 2013
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person 1: OMFG did you see Matt wearing those SJ's today!?

person 2: He looked so ghetto!
by jj and am December 22, 2008
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Part of the hip, nerdy croud around Delaware. Most notorious for fast good looking cars with loud sound systems. Generally causing trouble around the state.
Yo, those SJs are winning all the local shows with their flashy subarus and hyundais...They have no idea that we love them so much.
by Joey Roberts January 05, 2006
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Jeans that should only be worn by females. No male should ever expose their stuff by wearing a pair of SJ's. Who want's to see your junk? Not this guy. Hope you are done trying to have kids because those SJ's are going to put an end to you and Bebe's attempt to have more.
Alfonso came to work today rockin those SJ's with a black tee and a pair of Guess shoes. Good thing he is married with kids already. Still wish he would loosen up a little.
by carltonjizzle March 13, 2013
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