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Such a jolly ball.

Used by many people particularly in South-East England to describe an amazing place. Often associated with outstanding reports and incredible people.
Ani: I´ve heard that SJB is an amazing place to be.

Toby: That´s what the report says, and those people are the experts.

Marc: I´ve also heard that there are thousands of incredible people.
by Woking2010 February 03, 2010
A ridiculous waste of life.
Someone who over drinks and tries to have sex with everyone they meet.
Normally a big nosed burnette who gives good head but isn't woth it.
Originates from Georgia.
Mother to child "You're such a SJB, I wish you were never born."
by Camel Dickens December 01, 2009
A social justice blog, or SJT, social justice tumblr- a blog dedicated to spouting politically irrelevant feminist propaganda.
Wow Person A never shuts up about how one rape is worse than nuclear genocide. She must run an SJB.
by anguscocksteak March 23, 2013
SJB is the abbreviated term for a sexy Japanese babe.

It refers only to the incredible sexy, not just any Japanese babe.
"Hey dude get a load of that SJB"
"ah man shes hot, nice spot"

"SJB at 9 o'clock"
by Dr.ZaiusSJB April 22, 2009

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