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Southern Illinois University Carbondale, home of saluki pride, was and still is a huge party school with rioting in the streets. Today SIUC students strive to bring back the glory days of the 70's. If your not a college student and live in Carbondale then you are either a hick or very poor.
We went to SIUC for a jello wrestling party and a riot broke out on the main highway. The cops were called and mase was used. Enough said...

"C's get degrees"--widely believed school motto among the student population.

p.s. SIUC BBALL kicks ass!
by Chad and Stacey November 30, 2006
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Good school in carbondale for a host of majors.

The school is home to hoodrats, the town is home to hicks.
Big school in STD's so strap up when you come down
Hoodrats n Hicks don't mix, down here you'll find you're average hoodrat - 75% - Chicago Area. 25% St. Louis.
"Yo, I was in UHALL and I found a pocket fulla hoodrats!"
"Yea?? They ain't shit compared to ones in Allen"
"Nahh boi, allen is more diseased infested than UHALL, you're much safe her mann"
"Lets go to UHALL bro"

Uhall and Allen are part of the dorms at SIUC
by KillinDeseHoes December 01, 2011
Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. Home of the Salukis. Good school, but if you don't have a car, you're fu**ed.
SIUC campus is full of some really, really hot guys.
by sexie chocolate July 31, 2008