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This word is a large part of a burials vocabulary. It is used as a sarcastic remark while experiencing something "chased", annoying, ridiculous, slightly offensive, or as a reaction to getting denied by a girl in a bar or club, as well as it is used as a reaction to one of the other fellow burials experiences. See also, Burials.
A burial sees group of girls dancing together in a club, and walks up to them and starts dancing with them, and they walk away and pull all there friends away as well.

Burial 1: Last night we went to benihana's and ate/drank $300 dollors worth of sushi and alcohol, then when to play cards in an underground casino till 4 am and I lost another $600
Burial 2: Sikm SikkkSik

A burial goes to get a hair cut, it takes an hour and a half, and the barber cuts it completely wrong, and it makes him look like he's "gangsta", when clearly he knows he's a GQ type of guy. The burial says, "SikmSikSikkkk"
by astre984 June 26, 2009
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