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Simple Harmonic Motion being definition of any object in equilibrium that moves in a sinusodal wave manner across a point of equalibrium (shown by the equation X = Xo+A*Sin(wt). Analogous to male masturbation, because of its repetitive, sinusodal wave manner of movement.
Dude, he knows all about the SHM...
by Jeremy April 18, 2005
142 99
Shower, Hair, Makeup. Originates from juicystar07 a youtube guru.
SHM then filming a haul video!
by JuicyCFiend January 18, 2011
96 80
Somebody Hit Me
John: Seriously, I'm getting sick of having to look up acronyms every five minutes. Why can't people just spell out WTF they're talking about these days? shm!.

Bob: Dude use
by TigerPawn January 03, 2014
5 5
"Shower, hair, makeup" From juicystar07 or Blair Fowler!
Going to film a video, SHM
by SARAH. Yeah. January 31, 2011
70 82
Abbreviated version of Seen Better, Had Worse, Made a Mess For Less (seenahaddamayda)
u see a plain girl walkin down the street and you KNOW you have been with better and been with worse, instead of the full words, just say SHM!!!!
by Warl0cK September 09, 2008
75 88
A Sexy Hairy Monster!
A guy that's covered in hair, but is fantastic in the sack.
Does not refer to guys that like guys. Those are Bears.

A SHM is a nice guy that has hair everywhere, and is skilled at giving Ladies pleasure beyond their wildest dreams.
by One of them.. May 17, 2011
38 58
Abbreviation for "shaking my head."
I tried so hard on that test and I only got a C.. shm.
by Trblmkr January 03, 2011
71 213