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A situation that takes a very shitty performance to get in to and a star performance to get out of. Usually used as a common curse word.
SHIT STAR !!! We have to get the figgin car outta this ditch before mom gets home.
by B1GR3D1 May 05, 2008
the slang term of an australian budget airline known as Jetstar..
Hey mate.. What airline you fly with?

Shitstar aye bruz..
by wombat ingles January 20, 2011
When someone has a hungry bum, pulling the pants out of the crack will create a stain. This stain will be in a star pattern, known as shit stars.
Think of the shit Stars from that fat mess.
by dirtysanchez April 03, 2008
When an asshole is stretched almost, but not quite, to the point of an open hole.
Yeah, I totally pounded that shitstar last night!
by u84 July 10, 2008
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