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A wrestling hold in which a female sits straddle of her male or female opponent's chest pinning their arms/shoulders down with her knees or shins. She may or may not also pin their wrists down with her hands.
SGP involves a female on top as oppose to SBP which involves a male on top.

i.e. "Elaine dominated Sharon by sitting her pert buttock on Sharons heaving breast and pinning her arms helplessly under her shins."
by RangeStallion February 26, 2008
"Sorority Girl Problems" Meaning any problem that is specific to a girl in a sorority that the normal college girl would not encounter.
" If you're not on social probation at least once in your four years of college, you're not partying nearly hard enough."

--"Such a SGP, i never have to worry about social probation."
by ca188509 November 22, 2010
SGP (Serious Gay Potential) is a number like taking the temperature that says if people didnt know better they would say you are homo rather than heterosexual because of the seriously gay like behaviors you are exhibiting.
Dude! You're wearing neon orange socks that match the traffic vest you are wearing. Your SGP must be off the charts today.
by WarMovies February 02, 2009
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