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An acronym for Sweet Baby Penis.

A broad usage from expressing joy to great astonishment. Frequently used by Kanye West fans with a sense of humor and lack of shame.
Guy 1: How was last night?
Guy 2: Dude, I can't remember anything. Woke up and my bed was full of blood. But there were pizza leftovers in the fridge though.
Guy 1: Oh SBP!
by JewPirate December 15, 2014
Shoebox Project. -- a Fanfiction on Livejournal written by livejournal users dorkorific & ladyjaida.

One of the best Marauder fics in the whole of Harry Potter Fandom, documenting the lives of Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew throughout their years at Hogwarts. Mainly written from the POV of Remus Lupin. Work In Progress. Updates are accompanied by art and notes written by the characters of the story. Relationships in the fic include: James/Lily and Sirius/Random French Girl, Peter/Toast, and Remus/Sirius.

"OMFG! Today i had a total SBP moment! Today there were rocks on the street and i saw them and was like 'ROCKS HAVE URGES!'"
by RebeccaFive July 18, 2006
School boy (girl) pin. Wrestling term. A lad wrestles his opponent to the floor and then sits on his stomach / chest using his weight to keep him down there.
He's sbp'ed him
by jack41 November 21, 2008
Sweet Black Pussy. The female equivalent of BBD.
He's too busy getting the SBP to care what you think.
by Zomgondo March 18, 2010
Sperm Back-up Problems. The male version of PMS which explains why a man is in a foul mood, secondary to his back up of sperm from not getting off lately.
Greg sure is being a jerk today, he must be suffering from S.B.P., maybe Sally stopped putting out.
by SaucyKris August 29, 2007
Spray Butter Popcorn: low calorie popcorn SNACK! or in some cases Meal

Only the best popcorn EVER! invented by the lovely ladies at IHOP
"Hmmmm it's 4:00 time to eat some SBP and watch a little STTW"
by Ihop Ladies October 21, 2006
Sexy But Painful. Refering to a thong or something that girl's would wear that guys would think to be uncomfortable.
"so how do i look?"
"damn girl, is u wearin an SBP?"
by Jiggawhut?!?! October 03, 2005
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