SFW (adj): An acronym meaning "sexy in a friend way."
Peter: Hello, Joan.
Joan: Hey!
Peter: I think that you're very SFW, Joan.
Joan: Why thank you. You're quite SFW yourself.
by Kevin March 18, 2005
Suck Fuck or Walk
Says it all.
My boss left me alone in the store and told me if anyone gave me any trouble to SFW.
by thecatwho August 27, 2006
It stands for Secret Federal Weapon.
I tried to kill the Cyborgs with my SFW but instead they got it from me and threw it down the elevator shaft.
by jamie August 11, 2003
Code meaning 'Safe for Work' for people for who waste their time at school or work playing around on the Internet when they should be doing their job or their school work. These people deserve to be caught should you should upload porn and mark it as SFW.
John downloaded porn marked SFW at the office. He's sorry now he has to attend the Job Center but he'll concentrate on his work in future.
by Goth Doll March 24, 2016

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