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SFTBC is an abbreviation used in BlackBerry Broadcasts, meaning 'Sorry For The Broadcast'. This is often used at the start of a chain-broadcast to apologise for the annoying message that follows.
Saying SFTBC before sending one of them chain broadcasts doesn't make it any less annoying, you know!
by YanxaW December 31, 2010
Meaning "sorry for the broadcast". This is used when a blackberry messenger contact sends out a broadcast.... usually its the repeat offenders who can't help themselves from forwarding silly messages.... Like "send to 10 or more people and Allah will jump out the sky and give. You good luck for life"
"SFTB, I'm a stupid prick and can't help sending you this broadcast, send to 12 or more and you will find love" or " SFTBC but send this message on to 27 of your contacts because blackberry need to know if you are using the service otherwise they will suspend your service"m
by aksulivan February 14, 2011

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