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Short for Sexual Frustration Syndrome; the state of being sexually aroused and/or frustrated. The need for sexual healing to alleviate chagrin.
Dude, I've got major SFS, I need to get some pootang.
by Schmooie January 25, 2007
243 125
So Fucking Stressed

When you are stressed out beyond belief and you just can't take it anymore.
Bob: Finals are tomorrow bruh
Fred: Oh Shit I'm SFS!
Bob: I know I haven't even started studying yet nikkuh
Fred: It's too much to handle I give up
by Johhny Chocolate January 17, 2011
314 113
Spam for spam, a common phrase on instagram and other social blogging websites, basically a user requesting you to like a large number of their pictures in return for them liking a large number of yours.
Hey, sfs?
by island August 22, 2013
173 47
sfs - seriously funny shit.

Mostly used when telling someone else of something funny that you have seen or heard of.
Person A: I just watched anchorman, that is some sfs.
by non_stop.dance_party June 25, 2010
158 72
So Fucken Sweet
The shine on that Dusty marble is SFS!
by masterglenn October 14, 2011
102 55
sfs= Shower-fap-sleep

using it on facebook, or txt msg to say bye or expressing the need to go sleep
guy1: sfs!

guy2: see ya!
by Galvaude1811 September 20, 2011
96 53
Acronym for Standard Fantasy Setting. You got your elves, dwarves, goblins, swords, and magic. If you can't talk about it without referencing the Lord of the Rings or Dungeons & Dragons, it's probably in the SFS.
"I'm making a game about dwarves, but it's not in the SFS cause they're like actual dwarves who work as tax accountants."
by TeenageAngst July 03, 2013
31 16