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by S From Hell fearer February 18, 2004
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So Fucking High
Dude I'm SFH we smoked 7 blunts of sour diesel in less than an hour.
by captq23 December 25, 2010
Nick Name for St. Francis High School
I go to SFHS.
by SFHS Ray April 04, 2009
So Fucking Hot
Commonly used when talking about someone.
Dude 1: Hey did you see that girl at the party?
Dude 2: Which one?
Dude 1: The one with that nice booty.
Dude 2: Oh yeah... She was SFH!
by flannel April 02, 2015
Smacks ForeHead; used on IM
Girl: You should watch 17 again!!!!
Guy: y?
Girl: cuz it has Zac Effron in it
Guy: sfh...
by slayerse7en December 27, 2009
Sluts From Hell
I go camping with SFH!
by cutegirltushy April 21, 2009
SFH (abbreviation) Susie Fucking Housewife

A homemaker who is proficient at chauffeuring children to and from activities, baking cookies and giving blow jobs.
Who the hell does he think I am? SFH! I have a PhD for Christ sake!
by JCT2011 August 15, 2011
Gollum: SFH
by AIDUN January 08, 2011

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