SFD is everything and nothing. You can use SFD in any manner of speech, for any reason, and at any time.
Arch - Hey, how was the weather down there?
Jade - Well today there was a 40% chance of SFD.
Arch - Nice, better than up here! No a SFD in sight!
Jade - Well ain't that an SFD if I ever did hear one.
by Solaris Inviux July 10, 2008
Standing for "Shit Fuck Damnit". An abbreviated way of expressing anger whilst typing. The non interrogative form of "WTF" because SFD does not ask a question, it simply states anger.

As almost anything these days, it is mainly used on social networking sites to be a SFW (Safe For Work) typography.
Arthur: Slept through my alarm again, now ima prolly get fired from work. SFD

KC: Told you you shoulda wired your alarm into your stereo... Does this mean your going to be free on Friday?
by ihadabadname August 17, 2010

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