Solid front axle in a vehicle.
Dude, you should totally ditch your IFS (Independent Front Suspension) and do a SFA swap. You'll have so much more articulation!
by Doverbenedict August 01, 2008
Starved For Attention
Why does that chick feel like she needs to laugh hysterically or cry hysterically about everything?? She's obviously SFA.

CYA definition: So Freaking Awesome

by BadGyrl318 December 24, 2008
Sexually Frustrated Anonymous
SFA is when you don't have sex for awhile and your irritated about it
by bsumm November 05, 2009
A group that worships Shaq and fights racist, fistinites, and other evil
The SFA Shaqqed those fistinites.
by Supez May 22, 2004
Stupid Fucking Acronym. A (usually clunky) acronym made up to make something stupid sound less stupid. See also TLA.
"I'm sick of those TSA nuts making us strip at the airport. What, does TSA stand for Those Stupid Assholes?"

"Whatever dude, it's just another SFA."
by JadedScientist July 10, 2008
Acronym for WELSH prog/psychedelic/experimental/rock, band, Super Furry Animals.
A chant well-known to Furries fans: "SFA OK, SFA OK, Super Furry Animals, SFA OK"
by The Nash September 08, 2006
Sweet Fuck All. Very little or nothing. This phrase is believed to have originated in Southern Ontario.
High school was useless. I went for 5 years and have sfa to show for it.
by Firehead April 27, 2006

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