SFA is a clan of young people who have come together across the USA in the last year. Clans are unlike cults, in that they do not orbit around a religious icon or idea. Clans do not worship any dieties together, though members of clans may retain their own beliefs. Modern day clans share a common purpose with the clans of old days in Japan. They are groups, like gangs, put together for protection and friendship.
SFA was recently put on the police watch list as the clan seems to grow to an exuberant size, but have yet not conducted any illegal activity. Investigators believe SFA stands for "Secret Fallon Association."
1.The gang in Newyork came together to be a part of a watch your back, you watch mine organization.
2. Sfa came together so youth could come together in a similiar organization.
by global []0 [] //\\//\\ []0 August 26, 2007
acronym for Six Flags America: a theme park in Washington DC
SFA has Batwing, The Penguin's Blizzard River, Superman: Ride of Steel, Mind Eraser, Roar and various other thrill rides.
by Mike March 30, 2005
A stupid group of blacks who call everyone racists and act stupid. They worship Shaq and Superman64.
SFA stands for Shaq Fu Army. They will go to any lengths to be annoying.
The SFA are a group of FanBoys who act like a bunch of immature niggers who listen to rap and have no life/girlfriend
by SFA sux and Shaq is retarded November 30, 2004
Stupid Fucking Acronym
When somebody is talking and they say something like, "IDK, lolz to my bff." You just respond with, "SFA" letting them know they, and their acronyms, are stupid.
by TGlems July 10, 2008
acronym for Super Furry Animals: a Canadian prog/power pop/techno/etc. rock group from Canada.
Dude, I saw SFA last night at the Roxy in Boston. They kicked ass.
by Orff December 25, 2005
Acronym for "snaps fingers around," usually used when saying "mm hmm!" or "no you didn't!" to some ho dat dun slept witcho man or after taina don messed up your hair
"Taina, you don messed up my hurr! I is gon smack yo momma! Sfa!"
americasn shooting there own troops SFA
by Markyb1 August 25, 2004

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